Blood Pressure Control in Ireland

In Ireland, nearly 65% of people older than 50 years have hypertension, but only 55% were aware of their hypertension status. In those with high blood pressure, less than 60% were on treatment; of those on treatment, only half had their BP controlled to below 140/90 mmHg.

If we compare BP control rates with the UK & Canada [chart 1] we see that we have much work to do and the sooner we set about improving matters the sooner we will halt the creeping epidemic of the cardiovascular consequences of uncontrolled hypertension. How much the admirable Canadian rate of BP control can be attributed to the ready availability of ABPM in that country is difficult to ascertain, but certainly the recent approval for reimbursement of ABPM in primary care here in Ireland is a significant step in the right direction.

iHealth CardioMed Vs Generic ABPM Devices
iHealth CardioMed Vs Generic ABPM Devices Available in Ireland

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