24-hr Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Important hygiene and disinfection information whilst using iHealth’s Smart CardioMed 24hr Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor

Following the easing of Covid-19 Phase 3 restrictions on the 9th July 2020 and beyond, we have put forward some practical considerations whilst fitting the patient with the monitor.


      1. Healthcare workers need be protected during the fitting and removal of CardioMed, however this can be achieved by the wearing of the right type of surgical gloves for use in clinics and practices in conjunction with appropriate face mask/ or face shield during fitting.
      1. In some instances the CardioMed can be worn over loose clothing and no undress is needed, as can be seen in the accompanying images here on this site


      1. Disinfect before every use. It is recommended that if the monitor is used in a hospital or a clinic, it be disinfected before every use. Wipe the outer and inner side (that contacts with the skin) of the cuff with a soft cloth moderately moistened with Isopropyl alcohol (75-90%) until saturated.Then air dry the cuff. Do not rinse the monitor or cuff with running water
      1. This should be sufficient to kill 99.99% of all virus or germs on the material and device. (The choice of Isopropyl alcohol (75-80%) is important and clients should check the specification with their supplier


      1. We would recommend the use of Tubigrip tubular bandage under certain circumstances. This gives added protection to the device and cuff from coughs and sneezing and is a added barrier. It is easily fitted and then folded down and up over the device and cuff, approx .5 of a metre in length, various circumferences ranging from 6.75cm to 8.75cm, (Type C-E) and then disposed of on return, prior to disinfecting again for next use (as above). Note: if using Tubigrip bandage, then the cuff and monitor should not be fitting over loose clothing


Cuffs can can stain and be quite odorous over time. Maintaining the above cleansing regime will extend the life of the cuff. However eventually they should be replaced. Please contact us for details.