• Set up Requirements

    1)   The iHealth Wireless Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor  and the Vales & Hills 12 Lead bluetooth ECG are designed to be used with the following Apple iPad models

    iPad Air and newer

    iPad Mini 2 and newer

    iPad Pro and newer


    The use of client’s own available iPad can reduce setup costs. The models shown above, means you do not need the latest models


    Note: These compatible devices are subject to change. For the latest compatibility list, visit www.ihealthlabs.com/support


    2)   The operation of the monitor and any other devices and the generation of the ABPM reports, is by way of our own Application (App), installed on the Apple iPad, “iHealth Cardio Pro”, available to download from the Apple App Store

    3)   Registration of the App to the iHealth Cloud can only be completed in the presence of a fully charged iHealth CardioMed Monitor  (See manual for more details)

    4)   Upon successful registration the device is ready to use


    Integration into existing Patient Management Systems (PMS)

    Further services are required to integrate the App with existing PMS  (e.g. HealthOne, Socrates, Helix) and those are:

    Registration of a free Healthmail Account, application details are available here

    WiFi connectivity throughout the clinic / surgery


    Note: These services are subject to change depending on individual IT installs


    Monthly subscription price plans

    Please note that all devices are supplied on a subscription only basis.

    This reduces substantially the initial startup outlay whilst allowing for early revenue reimbursement under PCRS

    Further details on our price plans and how to register can be found here




            1. Product name: iHealth CardioMed Wireless Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor
            2. Model: ABP100
            3. Connection: Bluetooth Smart
            4. Cuff size: 22 cm to 30 cm (8.66″ to 11.81) & 30 cm to 42 cm (11.81″ to 16.54)
            5. Weight: 110 g (3.54 oz.) approx. (excluding cuff)
            6. Measuring method: Oscillometric method, automatic inflation and measurement
            7. Memory volume: 500 times with time and date stamp
            8. Power: DC: 5.0  V2.0 A,  Battery: 1 * 3.7 V Li-ion 950 mA, internal
            9. Battery life: approx. 120 measurements on a full charge
            10. Pressure Accuracy: ± 3 mmHg
            11. Pulse Rate Accuracy: ± 5 %


            Note: These specifications are subject to change without notice