Aylesbury Clinic review of the iHealth CardioMed ABP Monitors

We are very pleased with the recent choice to set up a Hypertension Clinic using the iHealth CardioMed ABPM solution as provided by Medasoft Ltd.  It’s a very simple device, an all in one monitor attached to an upper arm cuff. The interface used is bluetooth connectivity between the device and an Apple iPad.

We have successfully fitted the device, which can be worn over loose clothing, and performed a first reading for the patient in under 3-4 minutes and the patient is free to leave and go about their daily routine immediately thereafter. Patients report to us that the device is very comfortable to wear and quiet when operating for the 12 or so seconds required to take a measurement, which is performed every 30 mins, day and night, over a 24 hr period. When the patient returns the next day, our trained staff are able to instantly generate the reports on the iPad through integration with our HealthOne PMS and have the reports attached to the patients record.

After nearly 6 months of use we very pleased to recommend these devices using the cutting edge technology employed and are a big improvement over devices we have used before, which have basically remained unchanged in design for over 20 years

In conclusion:

The iHealth CardioMed ABPM’s have quite a significant advantage over existing systems, both in terms of patient feedback, use of minimal staff resources, coupled with the added revenue benefits.

Dr. Andrew Jordan
Aylesbury Clinic, Tallaght, Co Dublin.

Review of iHealth CardioMed after 6 months

We have been using the iHealth CardioMed ABPM monitor for over 6 months now. Patients are particularly comfortable wearing the device and we here in the practice are finding it very easy to wear, fit and obtain the reports. No more tubes, power packs to charge or incomplete readings. It all works seamlessly from our own supplied iPad.

Patients are scheduled, arrive and fitted in a matter of minutes. Following the return of the device, and via bluetooth, the measurements are transmitted to the iPad, the reports are generated and available to view instantly.

Monitoring patients hypertension is made much easier as the reports are compared to each other in real time (called “Trend Reporting”) aided by a professional interpretation.

We see major potential for increasing the number of patients that we can see on a weekly basis which is in turn increases much needed revenue for the practice. We would recommend that GP’s take a fresh look at their ABPM requirements and if considering a change or wishing to increase revenues, then this is definitely the solution to consider.

Dr. Knut Moe
Churchtown Family Practice, Dublin 14.